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After a nearly 20-year absence, my traditional trench coat detective Holland Taylor returns in DARKNESS, SING ME A SONG to be published January 2, 2018 by my good friends at St. Martin's Minotaur.

I have to give some props to my man Otto Penzler for talking me into releasing the original Taylor novels -PENANCE , PRACTICE TO DECEIVE, and DEARLY DEPARTED - in ebook form through his MysteriousPress.Com imprint. That, and so many fans buying so many copies, is what inspired us to continue the series.

Visit me at the events listed below.


7 PM Tuesday, Jan. 2 - I'll be re-introducing Holland Taylor during a signing at my favorite bookstore - Once Upon A Crime - at 604 West 26th Street (just off Lyndale Avenue) in Minneapolis. Call 612-870-3785 for details.

4:30 PM Wednesday, Jan. 3 - I'll be the guest at the Totally Criminal Cocktail Hoor sponsored by the Valley Bookseller at the Dock Cafe at 425 East Nelson Street in Stillwater, MN. Call 651-430-3385.

7 PM Thursday, Jan. 4 - Meet me at Barnes and Noble located in the HarMar Mall at 2100 North Snelling Avenue in Roseville, MN. Call 651-639-9256.

1 PM Saturday, Jan. 6 - I'll be signing books at Barnes and Noble in the Northtown Shopping Mall at 710 County Highway 10 NE in Blaine, MN. Call 763-786-0686.

7 PM Tuesday, Jan. 9 - You'll find me at Magers and Quinn Booksellers at 3038 Hennepin Avenue South in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. Call 612-822-4611.

7 PM Wednesday, Jan. 10 - My friends at Chapter Two Books is hosting a book signing at the River Fall Public Library located at 140 Union Street in River Falls, WI. Call 715-220-8818 or 715-425-0905.

7 PM Thursday, Jan. 11 - I'll be signing books at Subtext Books at 6 West 5th Street in downtown St Paul, MN. Call 651-493-2791 for details.

7 PM Tuesday, Jan. 16 - Join me at Common Good Books at 38 Snelling Avenue South in St Paul. Call 651-225-8989.

7 PM Thursday, Jan. 18 - I'll be discussing DARKNESS, SING ME A SONG at Barnes and Noble in the Galleria in Edina, MN (3230 Galleria). Call 952-920-2124.

Noon Saturday, Jan. 20 - I'll be at Barnes and Noble in the St. Cloud Rainbow Village shopping mall at 3940 Division Street in St. Cloud, MN. Call 320-251-4537 for details.

7 PM Monday, Feb. 12 - I'll be one of the speakers at the LITERATURE LOVERS' NIGHT OUT event hosted by Excelsior Bay Books to be held inside the Trinity Episcopal Church at 322 2nd Street in Excelsior, MN. LITERATURE LOVERS' NIGHT OUT is a moderated program that features multiple authors including Cynthia Swanson, author of THE GLASS FOREST, Mira T. Lee, who wrote EVERYTHING HERE IS BEAUTIFUL, and Gregory Blake Smith, author of THE MAZE AT WINDERMERE. There will also be refreshments, prizes and a full evening of literary entertainment. Tickets are $11 each and will go very quickly, I'm told. Call 952-401-0932 for details.

7 PM Tuesday, Feb. 13 - We'll be holding a second LITERATURE LOVERS' NIGHT OUT event, this time hosted by Valley Bookseller at the Grand Banquet Hall located at 301 2nd Street South in Stillwater, MN. Call 651-430-3385 for tickets.

1 PM Sunday, May 20 - I'll be visiting the Eden Prairie Public Library at 565 Prairie Center Drive in Eden Prairie, MN. Call 612-543-6275 for details.


Do not despair. My intrepid unlicensed PI will return in June, 2018 in an adventure tentatively titled LIKE TO DIE.


I'll be teaching everything I know about crafting a novel from 6-8 PM Thursday, February 8 - April 26, 2018 at the Loft Literary Center in downtown Minneapolis. Most people will tell you that should take about 20 minutes, but we've managed to stretch it into 12 two-hour sessions. In this class, we begin with a basic question - what is your book about? (The best mysteries, for example, are always about more than who killed Mr. Body in the library with a candlestick.) From there its a step-by-step process of determining the proper POV, discovering the correct narrative voice, creating escalating conflict, making plot choices, exploiting setting, developing believable characters and putting the appropriate dialogue in their mouths - all in order to build your book and explore your themes with power and style. We will put what we learn into action with in-class exercises and at-home writing assignments followed by abundant feedback from the instructor as well as other class members. Student manuscripts will not be critiqued. However, portions of your works-in-progress may be used for writing assignments when appropriate. Well also discuss the realities of publishing - including eBooks - as well as manuscript preparation and how to find an agent. Susan Niz, Swati Kaushel, Diane Morlan, and Judith Yates Borger are just a few of my satisfied customers. For more information contact the Loft at 612-215-2575.


Alas, my time as President of the Private Eye Writers of America has come to an end. The great Gary Phillips has replaced me. Now I join the legion of ex-presidents including William Campbell Gault, Lawrence Block, Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, Ed Gorman, Linda Barnes, SJ Rozan and Steve Hamilton. Not bad, huh.


Meanwhile, my volume of short stories - FULL HOUSE - is now available at fine bookstores everywhere, as well as in eBook format. It's published by my pals at Down & Out Books in Florida. They're the folks who brought you THE DEVIL AND THE DIVA, the Minnesota Book Award nominee that I wrote with Renee Valois (the main squeeze) and FINDERS KEEPERS, my young adult crime novel (see below). The volume contains every short story I've ever written to date, including a Holland Taylor adventure for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and a piece for True Romance.


To my great joy, HighBridge is bringing out all three of my Holland Taylor novels in audiobook starting with PENANCE (that's the Edgar Award winner, folks). Veteran actor R. C. Bray is providing the voice (he has also narrated books by James Ellroy, Joseph Wambaugh and Ross Thomas, one of my heroes). I'm told the audiobooks for PRACTICE TO DECEIVE and DEARLY DEPARTED will be available soon.


FINDERS KEEPER, my first young adult crime novel about a 13-year-old boy who finds a suitcase filled with cash and thinks all of his problems are over, is out! You can find it in eBook format in all the usual places. Plus, my publisher, Down And Out Books, is also releasing it in trade paper. You'll be able to get it through your favorite bookstore any day now.


Meanwhile, sales for THE DEVIL AND THE DIVA, a decidedly adult ebook original I wrote with writer and theater critic Reneé Valois, remain strong. A "gothic suspense thriller adventure romantic crime novel with jokes," - think Beauty and the Beast in the wrong hands - is available in ebook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Sony, Diesel and others. It's also available as a trade paper book through Print On Demand outlets, although my good friends at Once Upon A Crime and Uncle Edgar's bookstores in Minneapolis are stocking it on their shelves as well.


Click on the various links below to watch my acceptance speech for the 2010 Minnesota Book Award, an interview with my pals at the Minnesota Crime Wave, and a radio interview with Heidi Holton on Minnesota Public Radio.


According to Mary Lou Metzger, program specialist and librarian at Sterling Heights Public Library in Sterling Heights, Michigan, it's the Rushmore McKenzie and Holland Taylor mystery series. Heremail reports that both series will be included in the SHPL's upcoming What Do I Read Next, Mystery III program. She says the books are "hot ticket items." Yowzer! Check out www.SHLP.net for details.


The Anoka County Historical Society here in snowy Minnesota has recommended TIN CITY to readers during I Love To Read Month at the Anoka County Library (that would be February for those scoring at home). After spending several paragraphs praising the book, it concludes "While certainly not in the class of a book like War And Peace, Tin City is fun and set among places we all know."


Mary Anne Grossman of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has listed Tin City among her Top Ten Mysteries written by Minnesota Authors in 2005. So I have that going for me.


Empire Pictures, an independent production house, has purchased the film rights to my novel PRACTICE TO DECEIVE. These are the good folks who brought you Barry Levinson's film Bandits starring Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton and Cate Blanchette and who released The Big White starring Robin Williams,Holly Hunter and Woody Harrelson. I'm afraid I can't give you any more details at this time, but watch for an announcement soon.


That's the title of a brief memoir I wrote for the Feb./March edition of Crime Spree Magazine. It tells the tale of how as a young man I met the great Jabbo Smith and became a jazz fan for life. You might also be interested in a brief sidebar I added which features a list of eight classic jazz albums from my personal collection. These are not necessarily my best albums nor my favorite. But if you don't like these, you don't like jazz. The articles will accompany a much longer piece exploring the birth of jazz by mystery author David Fulmer (JASS).


That's what my high school alma mater - Cretin-Derham Hall in St. Paul, Minnesota - calls me in the Fall 2004 issue of Traditions Magazine. Which was awfully nice of them considering all the silliness if perpetrated when I went there.


my good friends at Once Upon A Crime bookstore for the latest titles.

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